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Video Testimonials!

May 18, 2018 – Chris Christina Dawn



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When it comes to consuming content online it has become ridiculously obvious the number one choice is video. “We all know that any business will fall wayside to it’s competition if it doesn’t not engage its niche with quality video.” (Vidmonial, 2018). Video is stimulating in ways that reaches the viewer at the core of their senses.  Increases in social media video consumption on every platform reveal this fact to us every day in every industry.

The Numbers

The numbers tell us consumers are responding better to video than any other type of marketing efforts. According to WordStream, “the average internet user spends over 85% more time on websites with video; viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it on a video verses only 10% when it is read; and social video creates 1200% more shares than images and text together”. With these facts in mind, “it will be hard to survive in 2018 and beyond without authentic video testimonials in your business” says 7 figure earner Ben Murray – internet marketer.

Facts and figures are not enough anymore to persuade buyers. People need to see personal evidence themselves that they can personally relate to. Consumers are savvier than ever and have come to question the validity of written testimonials.  Words on a page with a mere quote and profile picture seem even less believable than even main street graffiti. Consumers know today that written reviews can be contrived and purchased.



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How do video testimonials win trust?

Online buyer research and product inquiry is dominating buying decisions in 2018. Potential customers are looking for evidence to validation their buying decisions. Due diligence in the past could be satisfied by word of mouth marketing. Now social media is the preferred method of information sharing with reviews leading popular opinion. Supplying genuine testimonials from real customers relieve buyer hesitation by improving buyer confidence.

couple video testimonial image

couple video testimonial image

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Video testimonials convey true feelings about your brand by revealing and relaying a customer’s connection with your service or product. Human’s can not help, but to respond to not only the spoken words, but the speaker’s intonation and the non-verbal gestures. These cues give the viewer insights and feelings of association, or affinity to similarities and connections to that of the reviewer. It is perceived, that if your real clients are spending their precious time creating video testimonials they are doubly endorsing the product they speak highly of. All these factors contribute to buyer confidence and overall trust for a brand and their offers. Supplying an on going fresh supply of video testimonials will support the longevity of your offers and those of your clients.  It is ideal to make sure your client’s businesses have a continuous feed of fresh video testimonials coming in to reinforce endorsement of the buying process to their traffic.  Amassing a large volume of video testimonials over time assists validation for any offer. This compounding evidence of why the offer remains appealing to many different individuals keeps the offer in the forefront of sharing traffic and should be sought after.

How do video testimonials improve conversions? 

love, belonging, and connection

love, belonging, and connection

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Displaying customer confidence to a prospective buyer improves conversions by offering affirming opinions.

Statistics reveal that the power of suggestion is powerful when delivered in person to person communication. Video testimonials are the closest on-line experience to this persuasive technique. Video testimonials mirror the personal experience of sharing information between two close friends. The video viewing experience provides the individual similar feelings to belonging, a comradery or gifting experience. Video testimonials act as personal referral evidence to validate a potential customer’s intrigue for what the offer will provide them and confidence in what can be gained. With each video testimonial engagement, the viewers opinions are improved if the viewer shares the view point of the reviewer.

Confidence in the offer supplied by giving the viewer a sense of community and a potential solution shared to them for the reason they are looking at the offer. This effect pushes the consumer into a more relaxed and comfortable state, allowing the viewer to lose their apprehensions and reservations about exchanging money for this service or offer. The on-line experience contributes to the viewers need for connection, because they are alone and isolated with only their computer, and this feeling will endorse the desired activity, an online purchase. The sense of belonging can also be one of the keys for the buyer if they perceive that they can now join into a group of likeminded individuals. The reviewer personnel is unaffected by any reservations the viewer may exhibit with this communication and the viewer is left to be influenced by the endorsers unaffected conviction. The viewer may now feel they are in communion with the reviewer and offer, breaking down their objections and apprehensions consciously and subconsciously. “Shoppers who view video are 1.81X more likely to purchase than non-viewers.” according to Taber’s research from Hubspot in 2016.

What way can video testimonials drive traffic?

Authentic video testimonials, when used as advertising, promote more views through social sharing and comments. People love to help their friends and family by promoting a good offer, especially if it comes with extra incentives. Marketers have been riding the wave of viral media to exploit the sharing phenomena. Promoting a consumer’s positive opinions of a company’s offers can plant seeds of belief and confidence in other people’s views.  Novelty and the fact that a friend or relative suggested they look at the offer creates a chain reaction of positivity for a company. The sharing culture is found in all ethnicities around the globe. Everyone loves sharing.  It instinctually creates trusts through the endorsement attached and acts like gifting itself.  Sharing and gifting bridges humanity and propagates reciprocity. Sharing encapsulates enthusiasm, genuine reactions and promotes further gifting. The act of sharing information is an endorsement machine that people will self propagating on social media, especially if incentivized.

social sharing

social sharing

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Genuine video testimonials could be the biggest money generating lead magnet you will ever encounter. The more video testimonials a company has allows them to resonate with more individuals and reflect a broad spectrum of people who appeal to their offer. “The more the merrier” applies here. Encouraging more sharing and gifting through reciprocation bridges newcomers to your offers in a like minded community of buyers. The propagation of video testimonials when cycled through social media sharing will have long reaching effects increasing traffic.

How do you get people to make testimonial videos for your offers?

This is the challenging part, people are so busy now days they barely have time to sleep. Technology can be daunting for some of your clients or they might not have the type of personality that makes them want to share. Facing these challenges can be difficult, but over coming them are well worth it. Being an agency, you can take advantage of the difficulty in acquiring video testimonials and offer this as a valuable service to your clients.



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One word comes to mind. Incentives … obviously you must follow the FTC rulings on disclosure for video testimonial gifting practices. Like including a disclaimer to let viewers know that the testimonial or reviewer received a gift for free or were given a free sample to preform the review. Never the less, this is still very effective for marketing. Ethical bribes to get reviews from legitimate customers will be motivating and another way to deliver value to your clients. Providing a discount for a future purchase, a desirable e book in your niche or a free promotional gift can pay the reviewer for their precious time and encourage them to repurchase.

The only method to get video testimonials is to simply ask for them. After reviewing a customer’s satisfaction for your offer ask them directly if they would shoot a short video on their laptop, tablet or phone and email it to you. Quickly provide the reward for their efforts and now you are one review richer for your marketing efforts. This process can be outsourced via follow up calls or even emailed out to purchasers. State in your email headline your free offer/bribe for the testimonial and in the body of the email tell them where to send the video. Most buyers will be happy with their purchase, so this actually is surprisingly easy once you have a nice bonus to provide the clients for their time. Be sure to reply with the bonus as soon as you receive the video to encourage future business and good faith.

Video testimonials as a service.

video money

video testimonial money

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Presenting a video testimonial case study to your clients will validate your results from your own video testimonials. This evidence will make it is easy for your clients to see that video testimonials are essential for their online marketing efforts and customer confidence. You can capitalize on this knowledge by offering a monthly service to email their clients with an offer for a valuable free gift to persuade them to record and submit a video testimonial. Then you collect the videos and syndicate them in their social media accounts or embed them on their blogs and sales pages. This service can easily pay for itself in the client’s eyes, justifying a handsome monthly check to secure the videos, process the bonuses, and distribute the video testimonials. Most companies will easily provide a payment of $200 or more per video when they can see the value these testimonials have in building brand trust, driving traffic and creating higher conversions. If you acquired only 10 videos per company a month that equates to over $2000 in monthly recurring income.  If you only had 5 companies which you supplied 10 video testimonials for each month you will be making $10k /month. You can easily see how this service is one you may want to pursue. It would be simple to test case video testimonials for a friend then find a few outsourcers to help you deliver and capitalize on the video marketing trend of testimonials.

Video testimonials gain trust, drive traffic, and improve conversions.

  • Personal endorsements for offers gain consumer confidence, trust and build community.
  • Video promotes conversions at twice the rate of other online methods.
  • Gifting for video testimonials provides incentive and reciprocity.
  • Sharing of video testimonials can propagate when reviewers pay it forward.
  • Video testimonials can be used to earn agency revenue while improving your clients brand image, awareness and sales.

Chris Christina Dawn

CEO/Senior Consultant

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